5 Ways To Look Slimmer In Your Grey's Anatomy Scrubs

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At a certain point in our lives, work, home and family responsibilities outweigh (pardon the pun) the importance of regularly attending the gym. But this is no reason to permanently adopt a negligent attitude. With a few simple tips, you can look slimmer (and more professional) in your scrubs.

1. Wear solid color scrubs, and match your pants to your top. A single color is trimming, while busy apparel adds the appearance of pounds. Choose a few colors you look good in, and get several pairs of scrubs in varying shades of these colors. A single color top to bottom gives the illusion of tall and lean. Busy prints and multicolored outfits accentuate the pounds.

2. Wear scrubs that fit well. Give or throw away scrubs that fit too snugly or are too big. It is sometimes tempting to try to hide a few pounds in baggy clothing, but this actually makes you look bigger than you really are. Snug clothing also calls attention to the extra pounds, and is uncomfortable to wear. A well-fitting top does not pull in the arms, shoulders or stomach. Well-fitted pants do not pull in the crotch and are not too snug in the waist, hips or behind.

3. Chose the design features of your scrubs to play up your best features and downplay your troublesome spots. Use details on the top to bring attention to your best features and away from the extra weight. If your hips need some toning down, choose a tunic-style top. To accentuate an attractive bust, opt for embroidered necklines or a V-neck.

4. Choose well-fitted pants. Avoid pleats and pockets, which can add pounds to your looks. If you really need the pockets, make sure they are small, lay flat and do not add extra bulk. Buy them as long as you can. If your pants go all the way to the tops of your shoes it makes your legs look longer.

5. When choosing prints, go for smaller designs. Big, bold patterns add size, while small designs give a trimmer look. Dark colors are more figure-flattering.

These tricks work so well that your patients and coworkers may be asking you how you lost the weight. And don't worry, you can focus on losing the extra weight when things slow down. Until then, at least you can look like you feel: attractive, vibrant, successful and stylish.

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5 Ways To Look Slimmer In Your Grey's Anatomy Scrubs

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This article was published on 2011/08/17